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A Lone Villain working within an Evil Empire
Interview with Tim Woodman (ProVillain) about roughsex production within the adult industry.

After Dark Fantasies
Free site that displays donor galleries (photos promoting various other websites). Also tons of material donated by artists and writers. Fetishes and fantasies: asphyx, cannibalism, execution, monsters, torture. Force is not listed as a category but figures in some material.

Alt.com Personal Ads
Read or post ads to find partners, penpals, friends, or dates. Search categories include forced-sex roleplay, bondage, domination, more. can search by zip code or state, to see the people who are within driving distance of you.*

Amateur Pain
Bondage with fellatio. Original bdsm. Photos, streaming video.*

Article: In Defense of Internet Pornograpy
Writer observes dramatic decrease in rape in the United States as internet access and use spreads.

Basics of Forced Sex Roleplay
Article that used to be at deviantdesires.com.

Being Taken, Being Ravished
TakenInHand.com's links to relevant articles.

Bondage Designs by Gina Rae
I've linked directly to her video page because the samples are so explicit. Bondage with toy penetration, interaction, more. Also a photo section, etc.

Bondage Sex
Videos of bondage mixed with bedroom play.*

Bondage.com Personal Ads
Meet other folks who are into roleplay and BDSM.*

Artwork of furry females in bondage. WBB stories! Includes stories of force/nonconsensual sex.

Cait's Basement
An FSRP site (Forced sex role-play). Includes Caitlyn's discussion about the distinction between consensual fantasy roleplaying and criminal sexual assault. Big force links section.

Captive Expressions
Adult Fantasy Role Play - Full-length pictorial stories accompanied by detailed story lines of abduction fantasies. Forced at spear-point, uniform ripped off, biker's revenge, accosted, forced masturbation, bar flirt, masked man, bathtub bondage, grab and bind. Presented in a custom-designed viewer that offers a storybook mode, standard thumbnail gallery, and slide show gallery.*

Cautions - Taken in Hand
Think things through carefully before engaging in force roleplay.

Centaur Celluloid
Where lovely nymphs are held captive. Damsel plots shows all the action from kidnapping to being bound, gagged, stripped and fondled. Over 14,000 photos by Isaac W., hours of mpeg video, plus professionally shot DVDs.*

Chatrooms at Alt.com
Categorized by fetish interests and state/country.

Consensual Force Fantasies
Leathernroses.com article about force roleplay.

Cruel Movies
Forced-sex roleplay.*

DarkStar's Editorial
Reality and fantasy, and who suffers for what. This page used to be on his site.

David Knight Videos
Abduction and bondage vids. Streaming and DVDs.

Do Fantasy
Force art, comics, illustrated novels, cd-roms.*

Domination TV
Rough sex roleplay.*

Erotic Distress
Bondage thrillers featuring beautiful women bound and gagged. Updated three times a week.*

Evangeline Von Winter
The official home of Evangeline. A pantyhose, bondage, and abduction fetish model.

Fetish-Bank.net's Force Link Page
Long list of force fetish sites.

For Men: The Reality Page
Nice speech. Used to be at hardcore-pix.com.

Force in Women's Sexual Fantasies
Study summary.

Force Links at WeirdAndSexy.com
This list is no longer linked from their mainsite, so quick! Explore these links before they delete the page.*

Fully Clothed Sex
Another site where you can take some of the pics and pretend there's ravishment going on. :)

Green Guy's Links: Quality Unusual Sites
Not many force links, but quite a few links to fisting sites, if you are the type who likes to use fisting photos as fantasy fodder about force. :)

Grigbertz Gallery
Excellent fetish and bondage drawings with a fantasy and science fiction theme. Damsels and dragons, dominatrixes, fetish costumes, monsters, and more. Sex/bondage themes in the Calipolis section.

Group: Take Me
Alt.com forum. Based in Pennsylvania. "Looking to discuss the fantasy. Topics: Fantasy r, Role Play."

Group: Cum and Take Me
Alt.com forum. Based in Maryland.

Group: Fantasy Gang R
Alt.com forum. Based in Pennsylvania.

Group: Forced on Demand
Alt.com forum. Based in the U.K. "Deep down inside you know the fantasy's there, are you brave enough to act on it? Let us know, it's only a fantasy until you ask. Topics: Fantasy r, Humiliation.

Group: Gang Bang Play R
Alt.com forum. "Looking for fun with no ties. Looking, ideally, for a group of men willing to take me on for two day excursions... taking turns having fun and such. Let's chat, and I'll get your imagination up and running."

Group: R Fantasy
Alt.com forum for people into force roleplay. Individual profiles, including pictures. Based in California. 300+ members. "Looking for people interested in talking about, online action or acting out r fantasies in real time in the Orange County area."

Group: R Fantasy
Alt.com forum. Based in Colorado. "Looking for people in the Denver area interested in acting upon r fantasies. Topics: Advice, Doms, Edge Players, Fantasy r, Role Play, Submission."

Group: Roleplay R
Alt.com forum based in Canada. "For any one interested in roleplay r in Western Canada and area."

Group: Vancouver Island R
Alt.com forum for stories and fantasies. "All fantasies welcome."

Hard Home Video
Rough sex*

Hentai Videos

Japanese Bondage Babes
Penetration bondage video clips at clips4sale.com.*

Juliette Captured
Abduction bondage, forced sex bondage, outdoor bondage, girl next door bondage, more. A Shopmaker membership site.

Exclusive pictures & videos of BDSM, fetish, slavegirl fantasies, bondage with penetrative toys. Appears to be a webmaster site (i.e. purchased content -- not a photographer site or a model site).

Mick and Dee enjoy bondage with sex, SM, fetish play, etc.

Maxine X
Maxine gets tied up & penetrated with sex toys. Also other fetish, BDSM, sexy pics.

Morgan's Stories, Morgan's Links, Morgan's Fantasies
Original stories by visitors, grouped into categories and themes. Also a link page. One of the longest-surviving force fetish sites on the internet.*

Mr. X at SuperHeroine Central
Original full-color 3D renderings with force themes and force stories. High quality.

Mudshark's Forced-Sex Fantasy Fiction
Stories by Jefferson James. Cute graphics! Stories include "A Dark Place", "Creep Out", "Escape", "Guest of the Inquisitor", "Incident at the Summer House", "Society Slaves", "Sweet Revenge".

Forced sex fantasy drawings. Art includes narratives. Categories include Male on Female FSRP, Female on Female FSRP, superheroines, plants, monsters, peril, webs. Art by Reba and MWB aka Count Mike.*

My Secret Garden, by Nancy Friday (book)
This groundbreaking book from decades ago had a chapter about women's force fantasies, discussing the phenomena and then giving example fantasies contributed by real women. An interesting read to see how women approach forced sex fantasies.

Natasha Flade
Photos/videos of bondage in abandoned buildings, basements, the woods. On-screen abduction, fondling and force. Video "Owen's Obsession" is a nod to "The Collector". Photos, mpeg, DVDs. An Isaac W. site.*

NonConsensual Stories 1
Variety of stories at the Kristen Collection, asstr.org.

NonConsensual Stories 2
Additional NC stories are in the Bondage section of the Kristen Collection, asstr.org.

NonConsent and Reluctance Stories at Literotica.com
Includes tales such as "Sexual Revenge", "Sex Wars", "Sexy Cheerleader says the Wrong Thing", "Shameful Ecstasy", "She Had It Coming", "She Said No", "She Wouldn't Date Him", "Slavery in the Future", "Sneak Attack", "Southern Revenge".

Outside Bondage
Outdoor bondage, public bondage, neighborhood bondage, nature bondage. Most of the ladies are totally naked. Great pics. (UK)

Perverse Sites
Includes a page of force site links.*

Perverts Love Women
Essay by Brian Tarsis.*

R Club Forum at ForbiddenSin
First rule about R Club is... everybody talks about R Club and how fun it is!

Ravishment Interest Group
Boston/New England area. Yahoo group for folks into force roleplay. Hosted by Desmond Ravenstone.

Resistance Play by Wolf
Acting out fantasies with a partner: demo review by Al.

Resistance Play
Acting out fantasies with a partner: demo review by Danette.

Rope and Gags
Streaming bondage videos, videotapes, DVDs of abductions, forced orgasms, more. By Nefarious Productions.

Rope Bound Babes
Dave Annis' photography. Kidnap-style bondage: tight rope, tight gags, often explicitly nude women. Custom shoots available. "No artistic, romance, glamour or politically correct crap." Vibrator penetration. A Sick Puppy site. One pop-up.

Rough Sex Videos at ConsensualSlave.com
Videos and DVDs of slave kas. Rough and forced sex, BDSM, bondage, wet and messy, and gang bang videos featuring slave kas. Titles include "Gagging Whores", "Black Cock Slave", "Sex and Violence", "Sick Fuck". One exit popup.*

RPP Stories
Torture and force fantasy stories. Some original force video clips. Includes Alebeard stories.*

Salamander's Studio at DarkSites.net
"Just another twisted art page featuring... totally bad behavior!" Hot drawings, both color and B&W.*

Scream and Cream
Exclusive, realistic videos and pics of r roleplay. "We do not condone non-consensual sex. This site is about role playing fantasy only and performed by professional actors and models." Site based in Amsterdam.*

Scribbler's Daring Heroines
Adult comics art site focusing on super-heroines in perilous situations: including battles, capture, bondage, stripping, whipping, interrogation, punishment and forced sex. Some photo stories as well.*

Sick N Twisted Sites
Links to force sites including asian sites, sleepy/chloro fetishes, catfighting/wrestling, drunk women, darksite links, goth, necro fantasies, rough stuff.*

Slave Film Extreme
Rough sex*

Soren's Stories
Stories and fantasies about forced sex.*

Squeels Bondage
British babes bound and gagged by Neil. Promoted as an amateur site but many of the gals are very goodlooking. Chloro, gag-kissing, girl-girl action, dildo bondage, blowjob bondage, 2 tied, 3 tied. Free tour includes large-size photos.*

Study Finds That We're All Sexual Deviants

The Abduction of Seska
Photo enactment of an abduction-bdsm fantasy scene, accompanied by an original work of fiction. A Wasteland site.

The Bondage Channel
Forced orgasms, vibrator bondage. Right restraint inspired by the old classic HOM style, shot verite'. Toned and beautiful women, kidnapped and forced to get off while in bondage. Members section, streaming video, DVDs and videos for sale, photo galleries by 6 producers.*

The Diary of Sickman
Original stories.

The Internet's Sickest Sites
Updated list of force sites, as well as a lot of other odd fetishes. One exit popup.*

Thunder's House
Video of forced orgasms in bondage. Stories about sex slaves, forced exhibitionism, "Against Her Will", etc.

Video Mayhem
Japanese and American offbeat and unusual femjep/peril films. They carry "Spine." SM, bondage, force fantasy, torture, Japanese, etc.

Wikipedia on 'Rape Fantasy'
Also read the forum comments; writers are struggling to find a happy medium on how this article should be written.

ZFX Forum's Links Page
Links to sites selling force roleplay and torture fantasy material. 1 popup.


Damsel Shop bondage dvds and videos

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